Do the Right Thing

In the spring of 2021, concerned citizens conducted 100 "Discovery Encounters," to listen to Chelsea residents talk about their values and priorities for leadership in their community.

One phrase kept appearing, in conversation after conversation: Do the Right Thing. When asked, "what IS the Right Thing?" several themes emerged:

  • Chelsea residents want their city to be safer. They want to see less division and fear. They want their city leaders to abandon their anti-kid, anti-family policies and policing.

  • Chelsea citizens want their city to be more welcoming. They want their leaders to promote more openness and fairness across a diverse range of ideas and peoples.

  • Chelsea taxpayers want their city to be more responsible. Stop paying lawyers to fight Chelsea families and lose in court. Stop paying auditors and investigators to tell us what we already know.

  • Chelsea voters want more transparency and accountability from their civil servants. Open the books, publish the procedures, shed light on insubordination, and enforce the chain of command.

In July, four candidates emerged who stood for these values. We're working to get them elected.

Surf this site for details on how YOU can get involved. This is our opportunity. This is our moment.