zoom backgrounds

^ Right-click above to save this image ^

Use a Zoom Background

  1. Right-click the Do the Right Thing image - a menu appears.

  2. Click the menu to download the image to your PC.

  3. Follow these instructions to install the image
    as your new Zoom background.

Zoom Activism Tips

  1. Use this Zoom background image to show your support for the M-52 Movement.

    • When using a Zoom background image, you can cover your camera with a post-it, or appear in front of it.

  2. If you can't use a Zoom background image, you can always make "Do the Right Thing" your user name.

    • Just click on your username in the Zoom window, select rename, and call yourself "Do the Right Thing."

    • Turn off your video, and Zoom will simply display your user name: Do the Right Thing.